Efficiency leads to success.

Take full control over your own health. We provide the tools and guide you through your first steps.

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Our goal

Ideology & Methodology

We have developed new agile and human centric methods to help you live a more efficient and fulfilling lifestyle with minimum effort. Our goal is bringing a quality platform that allows us to use our collective knowledge and experience to benefit everyone.

Our mission

Building our own future with the technology of today

We take advantage of progressive and innovative concepts during our development, but we also build on top of proven concepts that provide a strong basis for our system. Trainory isn’t just an app, but an entire platform that spans over multiple devices.

Trainory works the way you do

A healthy lifestyle usually requires sacrifices. You need to spend a fifth of your time at the gym and give up your favorite food. Well, that’s not always the case. With Trainory you wouldn’t need to do that, in fact you’ll be able to do all your workouts with your favorite trainer from home. Not only that, but you’ll be able to learn from people from all over the world. Trainory’s smart algorithms will cut down a workout routine to small bite-sized chunks that are easy to fit in your schedule, even for the busiest of people. The Smart Notifications in our App make it easy to follow your diet and never skip a meal, even if you’re at the office or at school. Trainory makes being fit look easy. From being a professional bodybuilder, to simply staying in shape! Our system takes over all the menial, annoying and time consuming tasks connected to working out, so you can focus your energy on your progress!

Find, Edit and Follow

Browse our ever-expanding catalogue of user-created and system generated exercises and diets! Find a routine that fits your style and add it to your personal catalogue. To find the best out there, sort them by rating and follower count. After that you can check the comments for even more information. Finally you can edit the exercise to fit your needs better and then release it again with your name marked as Editor!

Monitor your progress

See real results with your new progress diary. Create entries and follow your personal development. A diary entry is by default private, but can be shared with a Friend, a Group or Course Participants. See how it connects to our App.

Never fall behind

See regular updates from your friends and idols! Follow their schedule and keep up with their uploads and posts! If a person on your friends list uploads a public diary entry, a workout routine or even a simple post you’ll be able to see it immediately! That way you’ll never miss any streams, events or videos!

Meet S.A.M

System Assistance Matrix (S.A.M) is the name of our smart user guide that will be there for you through thick and thin! S.A.M will help you with all generic tasks as well as more advanced processes. Picking the correct routine, finding a trainer that fits your needs or simply pumping you up with motivational quotes and cute faces!

VR Support

Trainory is designed in a way that incorporates all manner of devices. Watching a video on your phone or on your computer? No problem. Tracking your workout on your watch? No problem. Want to get fully immersed in the atmosphere of your choosing while you workout? We say, why not?