Inspire and be inspired.

Live training always has its benefits. It’s usually a lot of fun. You could even make a living out of it.

Stream your workout

Trainory offers a unique platform for streaming live videos and sharing previously recorded ones. Use it to stream a workout live from home or from the gym. It’s flexible and designed for studios, trainers and most important of all, regular people! If you want to expand your audience, share your experience or simply workout with company, you can do so free of charge! As an incentive for the creative, there’s the possibility to make money while streaming, more on that below!

Organize online courses

Our platform allows users to organize and manage online courses. They include a group of participants, a schedule, workout routines and diets. The organizer can set a price for the course, which is a one time payment that grants the participants access to the course videos, routines and other data. Even though this functionality is made primarily for fitness studios and gyms, it’s still available to every user free of charge!

Timeline and Schedule

Our player offers an overlay function to cover all of your needs while streaming. You can display the name of the exercise, the number of sets and even set a timer for the breaks! As a streamer, you can also add a workout routine from your catalogue to the description, so that your followers can grab it and exercise together with you! Additionally you can add a schedule for your streams and our system will make sure to notify your followers in advance!

Workout at home

As a viewer you can enjoy workouts from all over the world, anytime, completely free! This way, you can always fit a workout in your schedule easily. No more long commutes to the gym, anxiety or missing your meals. With Trainory you’ll be able to browse all sorts of streams and videos, find whichever you like and follow the streamer that’s presenting them. You could also be a part of an online course that your favorite studio offers. More on that below.

Special events

We offer the possibility to stream so called Special Events. They are different from regular streams and don’t come as often. They can include a guest, a star or a new workout that you yourself created and want to share. You can make them as serious or as entertaining as you wish, it’s up to your imagination. Special Event streams are reserved for your subscribers only. All viewers will be able to sneak a peek to help them decide if they want to keep watching!


You can follow your favorite streamers completely for free. Get notified every time they schedule a stream or upload a routine.


You can support your favorite streamer with a small subscription fee. Gain exclusive access to special events, special workouts and subscribers-only chat.