Flexibility is key.

We put usability and usefulness first. So we managed to fit all sorts of cool features in our apps for your phone and watch.

Throw out your cheatsheet. Trainory is here to help!

With the Trainory App you’ll be able to easily follow your workout routines and diets! You’ll get reminders and tips for every workout you do and for every diet you follow! Let yourself go and focus on your health, while our App takes care of all the paperwork! Track a workout, gather health data in real time, keep in touch with your friends and followers and much more! The Trainory App is designed to support you in your everyday activities and help you achieve the optimal results for your chosen lifestyle! It gives you the freedom and flexibility you deserve!

Live Tracking

The primary purpose of the Trainory App is to benefit you in all your activities. It keeps track of your current workout routine and shows you what’s next in the list in real time. It also tracks your meals and water intake. Always stay informed and manage your energy accordingly. Dive into the details by examining data like step count, calories burned, heart rate, activity level and other vital parameters. Finally, if you want, you can share that data in real time with a person of your choosing.

Don’t forget your health

Our App can adapt to your lifestyle and offer you tips, tricks and reminders. When you’re way too focused on completing a certain task you generally forget to stretch or drink water for a very long time. If that’s the case, you’ll receive a helpful notification. You can always check to see what’re your activity and hydration levels. You can also manually adjust the reminder cycle or remove it completely.

Personal progress diary

Our App synchronizes with all your active routines and tracks your health stats in real time, to give you a detailed overview of your workout. It counts your steps, calorie burn, time active, muscle built, water weight and much more! Use that information to create a Diary Page, where you can upload a progress picture, notes and comments. Never lose sight of how much you’ve improved! Share your Diary with a friend, trainer or your followers to inspire and motivate them!


Track your progress closely. Our App offers a detailed historic overview that displays all your activity in previous days in a neat and easily readable way. You can also go into detail and see which days were better than others and why. Maybe you’ll find a trend and discover what’s keeping you behind or what’s driving you forward! We rely on clear data visualization methods to bring you the most precise information, in the most accessible way, in order for you to be able to make decisions easily and see them impact your development!

Communicate with ease

Share interesting articles, tips and tricks in a private or a group discussion. Inquire for events, schedules or advice in the easiest way possible, chat! You’ll never again wonder what to do and how, when you can just ask a friend! Dive into the enormous knowledge base we together share or simply lighten the mood with a cat video, it’s up to you! The control is at your fingertips.


The third part of Trainory is the connection to your Android or iOS smart watch. You can keep track of your workout stats, rest timers and upcoming exercises, all while running or jumping. Our design allows you to use all important features during your workout without ever taking your phone out of your pocket!